June 1st, 2016

FTTH BrightCore® Pre-Connected:

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We are currently offering special discounts on our FTTH BrightCore® pre-connected cables. It is a limited-time offer until the end of July 2016. For more information and to obtain your personal discount offer, please contact our sales team under +41 52 338 38 88. Your contact person for this campaign is Mr. Kai Lederer.


The Novobit FTTH BrightCore® pre-connected cable is suited for indoor installations between Building Entry Point (BEP) and Optical Telecommunications Outlet (OTO). It contains up to 4 optical fibers (single-mode or multi-mode) and the cable outer jacket is made from flame retardant LSZH material. In addition, the BrightCore® cable achieves excellent mechanical and thermal performance by possessing rigid element(s) from FRP and aramid yarns. Due to its flexible cable design, our FTTH BrightCore® cable has a wide range of specifications to meet different customer needs. Some examples include:


  • Cable diameter: from 2.1 mm to 4.0 mm,
  • Tensile strength: from 150 N to 400 N,
  • Pre-connectorization: LC or SC, simplex or duplex.


The FTTH BrightCore® pre-connected cable is wrapped on a carton reel and delivered in a recyclable cardboard box. This is not only environmental-friendly packaging, but also allows for easy handling and installation on site. On request, we also pre-assemble the FTTH BrightCore® cable with customer-specific outlets.




More information on FTTH BrightCore® pre-connected cables can be found here.







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